Ruislip Gardens Primary School

The School Day

The School gates are opened at 08:30 and children are invited to filter into the school playground, as part of our soft-start. At 8:40 the bell rings and the children are led into school by their class teacher.

The registers will be taken promptly at 08:50 so children should be seated in class at these times; therefore if you wish for your child to avoid getting late marks please ensure you are getting them onto the school site in plenty of time to get to their classroom keeping in mind that some classrooms are quite a walk from the entry points. Any child arriving beyond these times will be marked as late.

The gates to the playground will be closed at 8:50am prompt by site staff and children will be marked as late if they arrive after this time.

All Key Stage 1 children must be supervised by an adult until they enter the school building, this includes walking along the path and being in the school playground. Should parents elect to allow their Key Stage 2 children to enter the site unsupervised they do so at their own risk; please be aware that the gate entry points are not necessarily monitored by a member of staff.


Children entering the building from their designated class entry point beyond the registration time will be recorded as late. Children arriving at school once the gates have been closed need to enter the building via gate 4 and sign in late via the school office.


If for any reason a child has to be collected during school hours please notify us in advance and in writing. For safety reasons staff are not allowed to release a child unless officially notified. All children arriving at or departing from the school site during the course of the school day must be signed in and out of our register at the school office.


The main gates will be opened at 3pm. Parent/carers are asked to make their way to the playground and the appropriate collection point (assigned according to the school year) and await arrival of the class.

  • We will only release a child to persons on the child’s contact list as provided by the parent/carer on the admissions form when they joined the school, or on updates given to us.
  • If you would like your child collected by an older sibling, relative, friend or neighbour we require written notification and permission for this, including the person’s name, age and contact information, so that it can be recorded on SIMs.
  • We only dismiss children in years 1-5 to persons over the age of 14.
  • We only dismiss children in Reception or Nursery to persons over the age of 16.
  • Children in year 6 will ONLY be released from class in order to walk home alone or to meet a parent at the school gate if we have written permission for the child to do so.
  • Year 6 pupils are not allowed to collect siblings, neighbours or friends from Reception or years 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

In an emergency if you need your child collected by another adult not on the contact list, please make sure you have called the office before 2pm in order to allow for your message to be delivered. Children will not be released to unknown individuals, 'older' brothers and sisters / other family members with whom we are not familiar.

In the rare event that you are late to collect your child at the end of the school day, you should make your way to the school office via gate 4.

If you are later than 3:30pm to collect your child and you have not registered your child with the After School care provision your child will remain with a member of staff and you will be asked to meet the cost of this childcare, £10 for every 15 minutes you are late.

The school is sympathetic towards occasional latecomers, but will charge parents who are habitually late collecting their child.


Please do not bring dogs, bicycles or scooters onto the playground. There are storage pods for the latter items, should children wish to ride them home under supervision. Dogs are prohibited and should not be tied up outside the school gates.

Please make use of the bins provided on site or take your waste away with you. We ask that all parents refrain from inappropriate conversation or language around our pupils.


The safety of all of the children entering and leaving school is paramount. For this reason, we ask that parents and carers do not park on the yellow lines, double yellow lines or zig-zag lines near to the school. We also ask that you do not park across driveways of our residential neighbours.

The Council have installed CCTV cameras over the Keep Clear marking outside the school. These cameras will take immediate photographs of anyone violating parking restrictions and an immediate £110 fine will be issued; this reduces to £55 if paid within 14 days. Stafford Road also receives regular visits from traffic wardens who ensure that legal parking is observed. It is far better to park a little distance from the school and walk with your children the final hundred metres to avoid congestion around the school gates.

We have a Drop Off Zone which is open for children in key stage 2 (years 3 to 6) ONLY at the start of the school day. Users of the zone must abide by the Code of Practice and Road Safety Rules. We ask parents to follow a voluntary one way system around the school roads; details of which can be found in our Road Management Booklet.