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Headteacher's Welcome ⥂

Behaviour at Ruislip Gardens Primary School

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, we have updated our Behaviour policy to reflect current practice.

Our Vision

At Ruislip Gardens Primary School, we aim to create a calm, ordered environment with high expectations, routines and boundaries based on kindness and respect. Through our core beliefs and lifelong values we believe in providing a safe and nurturing environment where we aim to grow and achieve together. Good behaviour is essential in the safeguarding of all children and in providing high quality learning experiences in a stimulating and supportive environment, where children can develop self-esteem, independence, self-discipline and responsibility.


We aim to cultivate in children an acceptance and recognition of responsibility for their own decisions and actions and for their consequences. Through the promotion of positive behaviour, we aim to:

  • develop a moral framework within which initiative, responsibility and sound relationships can flourish
  • encourage a calm, purposeful and happy environment
  • foster positive, caring attitudes towards everyone where achievements at all levels are acknowledged and valued
  • promote an atmosphere of politeness, trust, honesty and fairness within the whole school community
  • enable children to develop self-esteem, respect for others, tolerance and compassion
  • create a positive, stimulating learning environment where positive attitudes and behaviour are encouraged and rewarded
  • make children aware of unacceptable behaviour
  • promote a consistent, positive approach to behaviour and discipline throughout the school with parental/carer co-operation and involvement

Expected Standards of Behaviour

Children are expected to show consideration for others at all times and to adopt a polite manner both towards their peers and towards adults. Every child should be able to work without undue distraction from other children and to live as a member of the school community without fear of mental or physical acts of bullying by other children.

Children are expected to enter and leave their classroom in an orderly manner. When moving around the school, children will be supervised by an adult and adults are expected to have sight of all children when moving from one room to another. Running inside the school building is dangerous and therefore inappropriate.

At Ruislip Gardens Primary School, we believe that the most effective way of achieving our aims is to praise and encourage positive behaviour. All members of the school community have an important role to play in setting a good example to the children.


A stimulating and engaging learning experience is key to positive behaviour in the classroom. Children respond well to praise, encouragement and feedback. The following rewards are considered good practice in the school:

  • Praise – verbal and written
  • House Points
  • Reward Stickers
  • Treasure box rewards
  • Shield Points
  • Positions of responsibility given to the children eg, class monitors etc
  • Opportunities to share learning with other staff or children, for example in Celebration Assembly or sending children to a senior leader to celebrate good work.
  • Awards and certificates in Celebration Assemblies
  • Individual or Group Prizes – e.g. stationery supplies
  • Communication with parents through conversations, notes in the diary and good news notes.


In most cases where a child behaves inappropriately, it will be sufficient for a member of staff to speak to the child and resolve the matter by reminding them what behaviour is expected or by a gentle verbal warning. Incidents of inappropriate behaviour should always be addressed promptly. When dealing with issues, staff should always take account of factors including the age of the child and whether or not there is a pattern of this behaviour (occurring previously). If a child chooses to behave inappropriately, the Ruislip Gardens Behaviour Steps are to be followed (see appendix 1 and 3). These will be clearly displayed in all classrooms.

At Ruislip Gardens Primary School, it is not acceptable for adults to reprimand a child by shouting at them. The school has Learning Mentors who work with children who present with behavioural issues. Children are referred to the Learning Mentor team where it is considered there is an ongoing need for behavioural support. Outside agencies may also be involved. The school reserves the right to internally exclude a child for a period of time depending on the severity of what a child has done. Every child will be given a fresh start each day or at the end of any period of internal exclusion. Any exclusions will follow the DfE statutory guidance in relation to exclusions.

Break Time and Lunchtime Behaviour

Adults on duty during these times are encouraged to give out house points for children who show good behaviour and adhere to the values of the school. Children will be given a laminated ticket with their name which they can place in their class pot. Lunchtime Supervisors will inform class teachers on their shield points. At break times and lunchtimes children should conduct themselves in a manner which shows consideration for others and follows the school behaviour policy. Games or activities which are likely to lead to injury or damage to property are inappropriate and should be discouraged. When children are not following the rules, they are reminded of the Playground rules and given time to reflect, make the right choice and if appropriate apologise. If they persist with the unacceptable behaviour they will be given a warning. The child is to receive time out in a designated area of the playground to reflect on their behaviour (this shouldn’t exceed 10 minutes). They must report to Ms Harling and apologise for their behaviour once the reflection period has ended. The incident needs to be recorded on CPOMS. If the behaviour continues to be unacceptable the child will be sent to the Senior member of staff on duty which includes the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Assistant Headteachers. For any serious incident, the child will be removed from the playground immediately and sent inside to the Deputy or the Headteacher. The parents of the child will be informed by telephone and the incident will be logged on CPOMS.


Each class teacher is responsible for standards of behaviour in their class and around the school. The Senior Leadership Team will monitor the standards of behaviour across the school and will report to Governors termly. At Ruislip Gardens Primary School, we support children to develop respectful attitudes and behaviours. When a child presents unacceptable behaviour, we work to support the child in understanding how their behaviour has affected them and those around them. In these instances, all efforts will be made to assist pupils in learning how to be in control of their own actions and to develop a self-imposed discipline that will enable them to grow into responsible members of the school community.

Behaviour Steps

Step 1 - Child receives a verbal warning

Step 2 - Change of seating position.

Step 3 - Time out in class. Child to miss some playtime. Class teacher to contact parents.

Step 4 - Time out in partner class. Child fills out Reflection Sheet and misses playtime. Referral to Phase Leader/Assistant Head who will contact parents.

Step 5 - Referral to Deputy or Head teacher.

Behaviour Steps

Please click here to access our Behaviour Policy

Headteacher's Welcome

As Headteacher I would like to welcome you all to our school. Ruislip Gardens Primary School is a very special place. Visitors comment positively about the school, from the children’s behaviour and their enthusiasm to the staffs ongoing commitment and dedication. We understand the power of education and take very seriously our duty to give your children the best start in life. I am personally very proud to be a member of this community.

The school recognises the value and uniqueness of each individual child and adult at Ruislip Gardens. We celebrate the talents and gifts of each child and enable them to develop to their full potential spiritually, morally, academically, socially and physically.

Our shared vision “Growing and Achieving Together” underpins all we believe in. Our core values

  • Providing a safe and nurturing environment
  • Establishing lifelong values
  • Developing confident and independent learners
  • Inspiring excellence
  • Enabling everyone to succeed

show how Ruislip Gardens is dedicated to ensuring we help all our children become successful and happy young people. Their learning and personal development are our driving force.

With support and advice from all our stakeholders we were able to develop Ruislip Gardens 4 Life-long Values:

  • Resilience
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Reflection

Each value has a definition, which you can read in the vision and values
section of the website.

I would like to extend an invitation to you to visit our school if you have
not already, where you are guaranteed a warm welcome. Finally I would
like to thank you for your continued support and for trusting us with the
privilege of educating your precious children.

Miss N Bulpett


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