Ruislip Gardens Primary School


All children in Years 1-6 need to bring their own stationery/pencil case to school for their own use. The pencil case and contents will then remain in school and be stored in your child’s classroom tray. Please ensure that your child/children each come to school with a small pencil case and the following stationery:

  • 2 x wooden HB writing pencils
  • 2 x black handwriting pens (not fountain pens or biros) (for KS2 children only)
  • coloured pencils
  • scissors
  • white eraser
  • glue stick
  • pencil sharpener
  • 30cm transparent ruler
  • purple pen (not gel pen)
  • 2 x whiteboard pens

The items on the above list are the only stationery items your child should bring to school. Please do not include any additional stationery items. If there is a child who does not bring in their pencil case or have the correct stationery then the school will issue them with a simple stationery pack and a charge of £2.50 for payment will be added to your parent pay to account for you to pay. Please also ensure any used items are promptly replaced.